Using the best weightlifting shoes to improve squat form

Recently while at the gym I saw someone doing squats with strange looking shoes on, I asked him what they were and he said he’d just got some weightlifting shoes. Go here to check out the best weightlifting shoes for yourself.

A quick google tells me that weightlifting shoes are what some people call ‘squat shoes’; known for their ability to help you improve squats. I was very interested and keen to get some of the best weightlifting shoes for myself. Previously, I’d just used crossfit type shoes.

So what are the best weight lifting shoes?

In simple terms, these are a shoe which has an elevated heel, rigid leather and a solid flat base. The solid base means there’s no loss of power – ever tried doing squats in running shoes? Yeah because the soft base will absorb the weight and then as they move that power is lost. With a solid base it’s like being in bare feet.

The elevated heel is there to ensure proper form. Have you noticed that it is easier to squat with your heels up on something? For example going on the tip of your toes and squatting is a lot easier to keep your torso upright.

best weightlifting shoes for squats

These above are the most common and top 8 best weightlifting shoes. A lot of them are made by adidas and reebok.

I have to be totally honest here, these shoes were fantastic during my squat routine. I am not flexible at all and have a ankle injury. These shoes helped me hit depth, and often i learn too far forward.

I was able to lift a ton more weight using the best weightlifting shoes on the market. However, when i wasn’t doing squats – the shoes were actually uncomfortable and hindered other athletic movements.

Because weightlifting shoes mean that there’s less emphasis on having flexible quads and calves, you can do a deeper yet still safer squat. Less pain on the knees means move tension on the hip muscles. That’s wayyyy safer. Also with the torso upright there is less pressure on the lower back. When you can’t be upright – all that pressure build up goes to the knees and that’s a one way road to pain and suffering.

Furthermore most regular gyms don’t have weight platforms, like the wooden block things. They have softer floor, nice touch, but most gyms will decided to put a squat rack on it. It’s actually very unsafe to do squats on a soft surface. Most people hen wear impact resistant shoes, like those cheap instagram running shoes and you just end up rolling your ankles under immense weight and strain. These niche shoes have a flat, utterly strong sole with a custom weight-distribution base so ankle rolling is no longer an issue.

In conclusion, I’d say I’m pretty happy with these best weightlifting shoes, it certainly feels a lot better when you’re shifting big weight, but that seems about the only time these things are ever practical – otherwise, go for crossfit shoes.